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Agent Asha Spy Pack

Agent Asha Spy Pack

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  • Ages 7-11
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Inside the Spy Pack

The Agent Asha Spy Pack delivers a spy experience straight to your doorstep. Inside a secretive brown envelope, you'll find an award-winning Agent Asha adventure book, a spy initiation activity pack, and an invitation to the Children's Spy Agency's online world. Mapped against England’s KS1 & KS2 Computing Curriculum for primary schools, our all-in-one bundle seamlessly blends spy storytelling with essential skills in computer science and digital literacy. Shhhh.

Pick Your Adventure Book

Agent Asha books can be read in any order 📚

Option 1

Mission Shark Bytes

Asha Joshi has the perfect excuse not to finish her homework. She's just been recruited to join the top-secret Children's Spy Agency. Her first mission: SAVE THE WORLD. Can she do it? Asha's a coder so she should be able to hack into the biggest tech company in the world, fight deadly sharks and figure out why the Internet has stopped working. All before bedtime. Easy, right?

Option 2

Operation Cyber Chop

Asha is suspicious when evil teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly proposes to cut down all the trees in Asha’s favourite park to make room for CyberOaks: the new tech trees. Asha’s a top coder and super spy so she should be able to face robot security parrots, navigate a suspicious internship and travel to Shelly's super-confidential base in Scotland to crack the case.

With your book, you'll get...

A Spy companion pack full of coding and critical thinking activities

  • Welcome Letter and ID Card

    Begin your covert journey with an official initiation into the Children's Spy Agency.

  • Training Manual

    Unlock the secrets of coding and critical thinking with a manual that turns you into a spy-in-training.

  • Spy Stickers

    Who doesn't like stickers?! Perfect for our young agents!

  • CSA World Map

    Plot your missions and mark secret bases on this world map.

  • Spy Tools

    Download the CSA App, explore 'hack mode' and level up your coding skills.

  • CSA News Bulletin

    Stay one step ahead with the latest updates from our spy world.

Ready to start?

Simply choose your favourite Agent Asha adventure book and add the Spy Pack to the basket. Your adventure awaits!

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