Teach coding through fun and inspiring stories

Teach coding through fun and inspiring stories

So here is the thing. If you don’t like mixing teaching with fun, you are going to hate the sight of Agent Asha. Our coding books are doused in humour and adventure – erm, not quite the thing you would expect when you are teaching something as serious as coding and computing.

The entire concept is pretty unique - kids adventure stories endeavouring to tie in empathy, creativity and the big concepts around fairness in the world, all while teaching coding based on the National Computing Curriculum.

Let’s take a look. 👀


1. A new way to teach coding in kids-speak ⚡️

For all the kids who shudder at the sight of numbers and computing, we’ve stripped back geeky tech-talk and camouflaged the concepts of coding and computing within adventure stories the 7-11 year olds can relate to.

With a top secret Children’s Spy Agency (CSA) at the centre of the plot, and a good sprinkling of fart jokes interspersed with cool tech, Asha’s adventures open up a new door to the world of coding.


2. Easy-to-digest lessons in Online Safety 🍿

Asha puts the message across in a fun way that doesn’t bore the daylights out of the curious surfers and restless young gamers. 

Under the pretext of going undercover, Asha effortlessly teaches children how to navigate their way safely around the treacherous trenches of the internet. 


3. Break long-established stereotypes 💥

Agent Asha paints a sharp contrast to the stereotypical princesses and damsels in distress. With her head firmly on her shoulders and her heart in the right place, the 11-year old British-Asian coder with a penchant for technology represents the new generation of global citizens who are unfettered by boundaries.

She boldly marches into mainstream kids media where only 4% of the lead characters are Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME), 92% of females are underweight and 0% princesses are coders!


4. Kindle critical thinking, empathy and resilience 🧠

From hacking her way into baddies’ dens and fighting deadly sharks to save the world from a catastrophic internet black-out - Agent Asha can go all out in her quest to find the truth. But, she’s anything but a picture of perfection.

With her passion running away with her sometimes, you will see her landing herself in a stew, time and time again – only to get right back up and push onward again, with a better plan. 

Call it resilience, call it the growth mindset, it’s that spirit we think is the secret ‘code’ to success. Atta girl Asha!


5. Free teaching resources to get started 🚀

For all the Miss Honeys and Mr Falkers  striving hard to bring joy into learning, we have a whole array of free teaching resources and workshops for you.  Let us help you inspire children to experience the fascinating world of computer science, coding and STEM – no matter their gender, ethnicity or background. 



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