Christopher's Corner: Suzy Orbit, Astronaut by Ruth Quayle

Christopher's Corner: Suzy Orbit, Astronaut by Ruth Quayle

Suzy Orbit, Astronaut by Ruth Quayle

Ages: 3-6 years

The blurb: Meet Suzy Orbit! Astronaut, inventor and engineer! There’s nothing she can’t fix.

But - uh-oh - a meteoroid storm is about to blast Earth. Can Suzy Orbit and her trusty spanner save the day?

Christopher's review: Suzy Orbit, Astronaut is a really pleasant and fun book to read. This book is about two astronauts who have surprise and unknown visitors arrive at their space station on the dusty corner of the moon and try to “dress their best” for their arrival.

Through the pages I enjoy Suzy's fun enthusiastic attitude and attempt to assist with her Captain Gizmo during a semi-important crisis situation, and witnessing a few of her inventions.

During their crisis situation, Suzy tries to find solutions within their obstacles that she can easily overcome by fixing and building them. But her boss Captain Gizmo keeps disregarding her suggestions, and instead buys things online at the last minute and has trouble with each order.

I was amazed by the book's amazing illustration. As well as having good character design, space-like backgrounds and a creative world, it didn't feel like any page was wasted.

One of the things about this book was seeing Suzy and her little robot friend working to fix things.And seeing both Suzy and Captain Gizmo blasting away the meteoroid storm and flying through outer space in her finished spaceship.

Suzy Orbit, Astronaut is a really fun and imaginative book to read. From reading this book, it reminds you to be a bit more patient, double check the item's details before buying and most importantly trust and appreciate your friend’s skills.

Extra note from Christopher: The main theme of this book is to calmly understand the situation or task in front of you and allow your friends and family to assist you in whatever way they can.

Within this book Suzy has many ways to solve these issues by reusing and recycling one of her spare parts lying around and creating them from scratch. But her Captain kept on disregarding her inventions because they looked less appealing, low quality, or were not flashy or brand new. Even though these things will work really well without fault.

During that situation with their surprise guests coming, it was slightly impossible to buy the necessary equipment/items that he needed to get the job done in really short notice.

Sometimes it is best to reuse old equipment/ items around you and try to improve them (if possible), and if your old device is still functioning and has the same qualities as a brand new flashy next generation model, it will still be useful and work fine.

Throughout this book, it encourages younger readers to understand that in any kind of situation they may stumble upon themselves, to take time to properly research and understand the equipment needed - whether that is to reuse an item or create something new. Also, to ask your friends or family for help.


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