Christopher's Corner: Sid the Science Kid by The Jim Henson Company

Christopher's Corner: Sid the Science Kid by The Jim Henson Company

Sid the Science Kid by The Jim Henson Company

Ages: 3 - 6 years

The blurb: Sid the Science Kid uses comedy and music to promote exploration, discovery and science readiness among preschoolers.

Sid the Science Kid features a practical in-school science curriculum and celebrates children’s natural curiosity about science in everyday life.

The energetic and inquisitive Sid starts each episode with a new question (“Why are my shoes shrinking?” “Why do bananas get mushy?”) and embarks on a fun-filled day of finding answers with the help of family and friends.

Surprising fact: Throughout the production of Sid the Science Kid series, they used MoCap (Motion Capture) Animation technology - creating content in the form of a live action set for their actors.

Christopher's review: ‘Sid the Science Kid’ is a fun and really enjoyable cartoon series.

Within each episode, Sid comes up with new questions to ask, and topics to learn. By the end of each episode, Sid and his friends learn a whole lot more about today's subject and topics - and we see them continue to further their  practice on their own (example: Making and understanding charts).

I really like Sid’s upbeat and fun bouncing child-like personality. As well seeing him come across many different tasks, subjects and topics that we all use in our everyday lives. These items and subjects that Sid and his friends learn are also really important uses for scientists, especially for their many interesting and great works.

The best things in each episode, was seeing Sid travel home with his Grandma, and talking about what he learned that day and getting to hear about his Grandma's younger experiences. Also, hearing Sid’s teacher, Miss Susie, forming and making new exciting songs.

Throughout, this series helps children to learn subjects and topics by easily breaking them down into a fewer pieces, with fun and memorable singing and dancing, using interesting colour around each character to support and increase the curiosity of their children, as well Sid talking to the audience in a few segments to encourage their interest and thinking. 

Sid and Friends

Extra note from Christopher: The main theme of ‘Sid the Science Kid’ is to introduce children to many useful items, topics and subjects that will continue to encourage them to learn more and gradually become independent. As well as introducing kids to the world of being a fun scientist.


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