Christopher's Corner: Messy Goes to Okido

Christopher's Corner: Messy Goes to Okido

Messy Goes to Okido by Doodle Productions

Ages: 3 - 7 years

The blurb: Messy (voiced by Adam Buxton) is an inquisitive and lovable monster who brings science to life as he adventures through the colourful world of OKIDO with his best friends Zoe and Felix. The brave trio go on journeys of discovery and – with help from the ever-eccentric Zim, Zam and Zoom – unearth the answers to their big questions.

Christopher's review: Messy Goes to Okido is about a blue monster called Messy who travels to a colourful world of Okido to hangout with his two best friends Zoe and Felix and within that world, he learns about it’s different themes and topics of each episode.

As well having lots of fun.

Messy is a really active, silly and a really loud character and for his two best friends, Zoe and Felix are thoughtful and bright characters.

The series does focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics) themes and topics, but they are shown through their great adventures, funny and silly moments and witnessing their solid friendship throughout.

During their travel the gang will ask Zim and Zam a few questions about the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of the episode subject - to understand and learn more for themselves.

The one thing I like within this show is both Zim and Zam, and their shapeshifting assistant called Zoom. They explain to Messy, Zoe and Felix about the surrounding topic of the episode. Like talking about what the human vocal cord looks like, how it functions and talking about gravity in space and the difference between both Earth and the Moon gravity weight. Plus they have really good imagery examples to show.

So Messy Goes to Okido is a really good beginner's friendly start for young children to learn and understand the basic STEAM subjects. This will give them simple straightforward questions and answers and have really good imagery examples, so they would understand and won’t get confused.

Plus this series might inspire your child's interest to keep wanting to learn more.

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