Christopher's Corner: Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon

Christopher's Corner: Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon

Clean Up! by Nathan Bryon

Ages: 4 - 8 years

The blurb: When you work as a team, you can change the world…

Rocket can’t wait to visit her grandparents on their beautiful island, but she soon sees how plastic pollution is spoiling the beaches and endangering sea creatures.

Can she find a way to CLEAN UP the island and save the sea life?

An inspirational story showing how we can all make a difference.


Christopher's review: Once again we see the next of Rocket’s adventure (from Look Up!) in the second book called Clean Up!. Like before we see her journey coming into another obstacle from watching the spectacular meteor shower event to cleaning up a lot of rubbish in the beach. 

In Clean Up! it is an amazing and enjoyable book to read, and within these pages it has stepped up and introduced us to one of many Rocket’s interests to be intrigued on.

Like before, I really enjoy Rocket’s personality and her strong enthusiasm throughout this story like visiting her grandparents who live in the Caribbean, helping her grandparents’ animal sanctuary, witnessing their everyday holiday activity and having fun, her special ‘Did you know’ facts and trying to solve both beach and sea pollution problem.

Within this book one of many things I liked most were… 

On pages 6-7, seeing Rocket telling us her grand exciting plan for hanging out with the sea creature by “fist-bumping a turtle… dancing with a dolphin… high-fiving an octopus…”, it was really funny seeing her explaining it and the accompanying illustration was fantastic.

Another one on page 16-17, Rocket’s Grampy shows Rocket (and the reader) that there is more plastic and other kinds of rubbish being thrown away and being stuck further down the other side of the beach as well. It was shocking as it showed how powerless we are to reducing this problem.

And lastly in page 22-25, seeing both Rocket and her Grampy gathering people to help clean up the rubbish on the beach floor and within a few days, they were able to properly clean it all up. It was really good to see lots of people who love, enjoy and care for the beach were able to show their helping hand to achieve this.

Even though there isn't much mention about sea life in this book. It is obvious Rocket truly cares about them and she wants to help as many animals as possible. So that they would not get hurt or become sick because of our carelessness in not reducing sea pollution.

From reading this book, it was great seeing Rocket go on another exciting adventure, and seeing both creators continuing to expand her story even more and tackle more really interesting narrative ideas. So we the reader, would learn about looking after our environment and reducing rubbish so that it won’t continue creating any kind of sub pollution to our home planet as well as harming ourselves.

Extra note from Christopher: The main theme of this book is to encourage younger readers to properly dispose of rubbish, look after and take care of our environment. So that we could reduce any kind of pollution as much as possible and to continue helping any kind of animal that needed help along the way.


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