Christopher's Corner: Look Up! by Nathan Bryan.

Christopher's Corner: Look Up! by Nathan Bryan.

Look Up! by Nathan Bryan

Ages: 4 - 7 years

The blurb: When you dream big, anything can happen… Meet Rocket, stargazer extraordinaire! She’s on a mission to show everyone a spectacular sight… But will they LOOK UP in time to see it? A funny, uplifting story celebrating the wonder of every moment”

Surprising fact: During the process of making Look Up!, Dapo Adeola’s main inspiration for creating the character Rocket was based on one of his nieces. Who is also a curious child as well.

Christopher's review: I really enjoyed Rocket's upbeat, charming, exciting, silly and brightly amazing personality and joining her on her space adventure. 

In this book you will see how big Rocket really does love and is fascinated about space. 

From reading this you will be able to understand and enjoy the reasons for her enthusiasm towards space. 

It also encourages you to share your passion towards any kind of topic, subject or interest that you want to with others.

Within this book I really did like watching Rocket’s space related activities, creativity and imaginary journey. From exploring outside, making a small rocket, to staging her private press meeting, showing her meteor & astronauts ‘Did You Know’ knowledge, and telling everyone about the upcoming ‘Phoenix Meteor Shower’ event.

Throughout it, I really did enjoy her character. There were two moments I really enjoyed the most. The first was three different snapshots in an blank background of Rocket and her cat having fun outside (Page 9) and the second was Rocket doing her ‘famous victory dance’ and by seeing several different dance poses, I can totally imagine her movement being animated in my head.

As for illustration, Dapo Adeola’s drawing is literally really good. His drawing of Rocket and her cat being active (as well the whole book) is charming and fantastic.

The book Look Up! was simply a good read, from start to finish.

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