Benefits of STEM gifts

Benefits of STEM gifts

Why STEM gifts offer the perfect solution to keeping kids entertained and educated without the environmental waste.

Does the decision on what to buy your child, grandchild or that special young person in your life seem to be getting increasingly harder as each year passes? Do you hate the waste that comes with outgrown toys and unwanted gifts? 

Well, look no further. We have a range of reasons why STEM gifts are the must buys this year, and the benefits that come with them. 

Firstly, what is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM gifts are designed to provide enjoyment with an educational element. This may be making, calculating or coding, for instance. 

Check out the benefits of STEM toys

STEM based activities encourage a lot of divergent thinking and allows the child to make decisions independently. It can promote curiosity, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Not only do these types of activities have a huge impact on the child’s educational wellbeing but the exposure to STEM activities at a young age also determines their attitudes towards STEM based careers. The fear of these subjects being seen as ‘difficult’ can be debunked and the fun can begin.

Why not save the world while you’re at it?

With an abundance of plastic waste clogging up our planet, the last thing we need are more discarded, outgrown toys. Many STEM gifts offer interactive, adaptable challenges, often made from sustainable materials, that can be used multiple times and which evolve with the child. They offer a unique solution to sustaining a young person’s interest whilst sneakily teaching them something new. 

Check out our range of STEM coding based activities to find that perfect gift.

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